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Think "Picasso" crossed with the classic caricatures of the "Brown Derby" or "Sardi's", and you'll be in the right ballpark of this style of artwork. Often considered cubist or minimalist, Abstract Caricatures are fun, colorful depictions of your guests. You've never seen caricatures like this before! Each face is different, so each piece is different, and many times each is depicted in a different style. Our artists turn your guests into a real work of art! This style is very impressive on the iPad.


A crowd pleaser! Our Live Airbrush Artists create custom designs on T-shirts, trucker hats, visors, pennants, towels, bags, and even cheer shorts! Guests watch while their name is sprayed in whatever art style they choose.


Our Airbrush Tattoo Artists come to your event ready to entertain! They are armed with state of the art airbrushes and non-toxic inks that stay on and vibrant for up to 5-7 days after the event. We've got hundreds of temporary tattoo designs that can theme to any event. Custom designs and logos are available as an upgrade option.


Have you ever wanted to BE a cartoon character? This kind of artwork lets you do just that! Our Anim8U artists draw you in an animated, character design style. A similar style to what you'd see on modern TV cartoons like "Kim Possible", "Total Drama Island", or "Fairly Odd Parents". Upgrade options include: being drawn on acetate, therefore mimicking classic animation cels, or "specialty styles", such as turning your guests into characters who look like they actually belong ON certain shows (as if they were characters from "The Simpsons", "SpongeBob Squarepants", "The Flintstones", etc.).


Ever wonder what it would be like to be morphed into your favorite animal? This one-of-a-kind caricature is where our artists actually "turn you into an animal"! Great for animal lovers, and for those who like the Classic Caricature, but have never had their "wild side" depicted!


The Ultimate in personalization! Our Cartoon Name Artists illustrate each guest's name, making each of the letters into a fun quirky cartoon that tells the story of each guest. Also available with cartoon illustrations OF the guest to even further enhance and personalize each piece. This is a one of a kind party offering, invented by us right here in Orlando. Name designs can be custom matched to fit the theme of any event.


Our Classic Caricature Artists are first and foremost ENTERTAINERS. They are able to "draw a crowd" in more ways than one! Plus, they are the best, most professional looking and acting artists you will find anywhere! We draw the classic "big head, little body" type of caricature, incorporating the guest's favorite sport, hobby, or occupation. Our company draws in a friendly, cartoon style with mild exaggeration and great likenesses. Unless it's specially requested by the client, we don't do the "go for the throat", extreme exaggeration style of caricature. We want your guests having a FUN, memorable time, and to leave the event feeling good about the event and themselves. Caricatures can be done in black and white or color, however, color drawings take twice as long to complete. Custom printed paper, tubes, frames, and art protectors are available as upgrade options.


A variation of the "Hit & Run" concept (see Hit & Run write up below), Event Art is a large original piece of art capturing some of the people, and all of the life of your wedding, party, or event. The style is reminiscent of those of the famous Al Hirschfeld, of "The New York Times" theater pages, but with a modern twist. Our artist creates a high contrast black and white image on a large 18'" x 24" illustration board and at the end of the event the piece is presented to the group, or to the VIP as a special memoir. Not just a cartoon, this is a true work of art. Custom sizes, custom frames, and even color are added optional upgrades.


Our Face Painters can paint simple face painting designs as well as the complicated, artistic designs you see in area theme parks. We use non toxic makeup and paints to highlight the beauty and creativity of the faces of each and every guest we entertain.


Illustrations of your guests done in an elegant, "high fashion" style of illustration. Their shoes, handbags, dresses, etc, are all given a look that is worthy of the top fashion magazines. Perfect for trendy, “Sex in the City” type parties, wine tastings, or any group with people that are hip and fashionable.


Our Graffiti Artists "tag" live at your event, illustrating street designs on canvas. The artists can spray any theme or design; we can even recreate a graffiti version of the company's logo. This type of artwork can even be made *interactive*, where guests are provided with paint cans to create their OWN works of graffiti art.


A variation on our Cartoon Names, this kind of art illustrates your guests' names in cool and urban, "street cred" style. Our artists draw their names in bold, colorful designs worthy of the best "taggers". Artwork is created on 8X10 paper and can also be upgraded to be drawn on the iPad.


Elegant and exotic, the designs our Henna Artists draw on your guests will amaze and impress. We only use non-toxic ink, and have the most proficient, knowledgeable practitioners of this beautiful, ancient art.


No lines, no waiting. The only lines here are on the paper! This is not your Classic Caricature! Our artists draw in "stealth" mode, and then present the unsuspecting guests with their drawing after it's done...hence the name "Hit & Run". The concept of the Hit & Run Artist originated here in Orlando by Caricature Connection. Basically, it is a more proportional, "party sketch" of the guests in action at the event. Guests are always amazed that they've been drawn without knowing about it, and are pleased they didn't even have to pose! Since the artist is in "stealth" mode, they are able to move around and get a good cross section of the group drawn (sometimes drawing guests who wouldn't necessarily want to sit and wait for a "typical" caricature). This concept is meant for and is a great fit for extremely large groups. The Hit & Run concept can be upgraded to be drawn on the iPad.


The FUTURE of caricatures is here NOW! Digi-Toons, the iPad Caricature, is the first “green” caricature! These digital, face-only caricatures are drawn directly on to the iPad. Everyone is enamored of the iPad these days, so iPad caricatures are the new, cool "IT" thing. Guests are drawn on the iPad and receive a card with directions on how to download their caricature after the event (from our "agent friendly" web site). They can print it out at home, or even use it as their profile picture on FaceBook and other social media outlets. Clients can link the action to large screen monitors as an option for waiting guests to watch the action. Custom Borders and company logos are an easy upgrade to this type of caricature. Prints are available at the event as an upgrade uption. The Abstract, Rear View, and Hit & Run caricature styles can all be upgraded and done on the iPad for an additional fee.


Glamour sketches in simple line and color. Face only drawings of the party guests. Artwork is done on large 18”x24” paper.


Performance Painting, as seen on TV's "Ellen DeGeneres' Show" and others, is where the artist creates large scale pieces of art for your crowd. Accompanied by great music to match the mood of the event (optional), a unique piece of art is created. Any subject, person, thing can be painted, including classic and contemporary Pop icons. This artwork is done in a high energy, dramatic style. Standard pieces are 5'x5' and custom sizes are available.


Not nearly as salacious as the name suggests, "Rear Views" are fun, tasteful, figure type sketches of your guests' "good side".... their backsides! This is an extremely popular offering at events where you're going to have adults who are fun loving and young at heart!


Our Silhouette Artists are the best in the business, having entertained thousands of guests over the last several decades. "Drawn" with fine surgical scissors into heavy black paper and then mounted on card stock, these silhouetted works of art are something your guests will frame and keep for generations to come.


Tropical Name Artists hand brush names letter by letter. Each letter turns into a fun, colorful, tropical based character using birds, fish, plants, animals, and even dolphins. This beautiful ancient art form has been around for centuries.


Our Postcard Artists paint original, one of a kind pieces of art for your guests (themed to your event). Samples above are from an Italian themed event and a Florida themed event. The guests keep and collect the art as a souvenir of their trip and the event after it is painted. Or, they can mail it back home to their friends and family, as an original postcard. Postcards are the standard 4X6 postcard size, and have address bars and stamp guide on the back.

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