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"I just received the caricatures you did.  I wanted to let you know they are OUTSTANDING!  Thanks for a fast, efficient and professional job.  You captured perfectly what we were looking for."

"Wow!  Thanks so much.  The caricature is great.  I will definitely have other projects for you in the future.  Please feel free to use us for a recommendation - we'd give you one with flying colors!!!  I can hardly wait to give the drawing to my Grandmother!"

"The studio caricatures you did for us were great!  We look forward to working with you again!"

"Just wanted to tell you that my caricature arrived and you are brilliant! It is amazing how you gave me everything I asked for off a few badly downloaded pictures. I am so excited and pleased! Thank you so very much, you're the best!"

"OH IT'S BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you so much! I am going to transfer the image onto my fiance's ("the-victim) birthday cake. His birthday is this weekend and this will be a smash at the party. Mail me some business cards if you can and I can pass them out to the attendees. I am sure people will want to know who did the artwork! I guess you can tell how impressed I am with my order!"

"Thank you so much for doing this so quickly! We love it so much. I look forward to working with you in the future!"

"OH MY GOD!!! It is AWESOME!! I really love it. Thank you so much for creating it as I described I wanted it. PERFECT!!! Brian is going to love it! Thank you, again. It was a pleasure doing business with you."

"The Ben and Donna caricature you did for me was a big hit.  We were thrilled with the resemblances and all of the cute details.  Thanks so much for your help.  Happy Holidays!  P.S. Do you still have a copy of my original request?  If you could email it to me, I'd love to show my buddy how this all started.  He cannot believe how well you did from just an email!!"  

"We just received the caricature and...this is TERRIFIC! This artwork surpasses our wildest expectations. All the "participants" in the drawing agree (they all like their heads) and I know that our boss will be delighted with the gift. We will certainly be looking to Caricature Connection again for future projects. Excellent work. Superb service. We are thrilled!"

"I have to tell you how very pleased I am with the finished product...Please let the artist know how I feel about this...he did an awesome job!! I could not have asked for better!"

"I just wasnted to say "THANK YOU SO MUCH!", to Keelan. We got the caricature of my husband and couldn't be happier with it!! It matches the rest of my family's caricatures perfectly! Now I can proudly display them on my wall. I appreciate your help with this matter and I want you to know that in a few months I'll be sending two more orders to you for both sets of our parents for their anniversary gifts. It's true, there's no better give than a caricature for the people who seem to have everything!"

"I just wanted to say the caricature turned up last wee, and it is EXCELLENT! I love it - Thank You! It makde a superb gift as part of a bigger thing I had been working on, and it's just really lovely. Please thank whoever did it!"

"WOW! We received the completed caricature today, and we just love it! You certainly included all of the elements we requested, including the late addition. My son and I just know that it will be a huge hit. The only hard part will be waiting until the end of April to present it to Dr. Joe! Thanks again for your time and talent. You made the entire process easy and enjoyable, and the quick turnaround is unbelievable. We will certainly pass your name along!"

"It is WONDERFUL!! I can't wait to have it framed for my husband.s birthday. YOu did a fabulous job! It is even better than I even imagined. What talent! Thank you so much!! PS. Just so you know how good you are, I showed it to my 2 year old grandson and asked, "Who is this?" Without hesitation he said, "Grandad". That is good!"

"I received my request this past weekend. I could not be happier!! It came out EXACTLY the way I wanted it to. Thank you SO much and please pass along my thanks to the artist!"

"I was so happy to see that I received the caricature today...and a little shocked! I can't believe how quickly you finished and it got here. I absolutely love it! You really did an amazing job capturing my Dad and I'm sure he's really going to love it! My family and friends think it is great and thought you definitely got his face and features right. I can't thank you enough and just want you to know how happy I am with your artwork and with the company...thank you so much!"

"In March I ordered a caricature of my son for his Bar Mitzvah. I would just like to say thanks for the great picture. We matted it with an oversized matte and used it as a sign-in board for our guests. It is now framed and hanging in my son's room and it looks great. The artist really captured Danny well and the drawing was fun."

"It is freakin awesome. Thank you very very much. I will DEFINITELY use your services in the future. I am totally amazed at the quality and the fast turnaround. THANK YOU!"

"I received the picture this week. I cannot express to you how pleased I am with the results!! I can't believe how fantastic it looks and how much it looks like "us"! Thank you SO much...I am just thrilled!! Thank you!"

"I just wanted to let you know that I received the funny birthday caricature and thank you and Caricature Connection for a job well done. The caricature came out great! I am amazed how the artist was able to capture my likeness so well from just a few pictures and my description. The color and detail of the facial features, eyes, nose, and ears came out great and look just like me. I was amazed at the shape and detail of the body as well as it also looks just like me. The skinny hairy legs with knobby knees and big feet add an extra kick of humor to the funny cartoon. Thank you for a unique birthday gift. I know it will be a big surprise and provide plenty of laughs. I would recommend Caricature Connection to anybody looking for a high quality caricature or a unique gift idea!"

"Thank you very much for the caricature. It was exactly what I wanted and looks exactly like the picture I sent. I will be sure to recommend your company to any of my friends interested in doing a caricature drawing."

"I received the caricatures yesterday. They are wonderful. I couldn't stop laughing at some of them because they were SO great. Please tell Keelan, "thank you". I am thinking of getting a few more in the future. Thanks again!"

"I just wanted to send you a thank you for the caricature you did for our company. Everyone loved it! We will definitely keep you in mind for future (personal and professional) projects."

"I am writing to thank you for the great job that you did on the caricature that I recently ordered from you.  The drawing was very accurate and of great quality.  I have raved about your site and work to many people.  I am definitely thinking of purchasing other caricatures for my friends and family in the near future.  Thanks again.  Keep up the good work!" 


“You did great!  Our exhibit was the hit of the show.  I loved how I had a captive audience while they were in the chair or standing in line!”

"Just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the artist on Saturday. He was, without a doubt, the hit of the festival. We had a steady line of people waiting for drawing, all afternoon, and a few adults begging for pictures after he was done. We hope to use you again in the future, and would be pleased to recommend Caricature Connection to anyone."

"Our staff "raved" about the artist, and his interaction with people. He really gave them a top of the line product. Will definitely use you again!

"I just wanted to let you know that the artist did a WONDERFUL job yesterday! He is very talented, easy to talk to, and very Guest focused. We would like to track him down again and get drawings of the team members who were on vacation! I also wanted to add that I was impressed with the paper he used, as well as the bright colorful markers. I have seen some that were not as impressive. He was Great!"

"The artists were talented, capable and so friendly with the students!  Thank You!  Great Job!"

"Your artist was fantastic!  I really liked the idea of a party favor that is actually a true gift commemorating the occasion, and is one that will most likely be shared and displayed and appreciated for quite a while.  The adaptation of the theme to the caricature was perfect.  Your artist did his homework, and the kids AND their parents loved it.  Several parents were talking about "what a great idea it was..." to do this.  Thanks again!!"  

“Love to have the artist back - he is wonderful with crowds and children!”

"Many thanks to your artists, our Bat Mitzvah was a HUGE success.  The two artists you sent to us couldn't have been more pleasant and they were absolutely WONDERFUL.  Thank you for making our event such a great one!!"

“We really enjoyed him - he gave his all and I mean “all”!  Thanks for everything!”

"Please tell the artist that we were truly pleased and grateful for what a great job he did for us at our party. He has a warm and pleasant personality that blended well with all of the guests, plus a great sense of humor that showed in the art. What a treat for all. Many are sorry that they missed the opportunity to sit with him and get done. Thanks again for a great experience!!"

"The artists were great - the kids loved having themselves drawn - it was wonderful the way the artists were so enthusiastic with each student - the evening was a great success!  P.S. I have another Senior graduating next year and I will HIGHLY recommend we do this again!"

"On behalf of all of us, I cannot thank you enough for an absoulutely WONDERFUL experience! He was a HUGE hit with his incredible talent and great personality. He was a true delight to work with too! Thank you so much for your help and the very, very fine work done! We look forward to using your services again soon!"

"Look forward to future engagements with you!"

“Thank you for being so warm with our guests. Your professionalism and cheery attitude was noticed and very appreciated.  Also, thank you for being so flexible with your schedule!”

“Thank you for the caricatures you made of my wife and I at the ceremonies at the Sports Complex at Disney during the festivities for Animal Kingdom. We have them in a prominent place in our home in New York City.  Thanks for your talent, we appreciate it!”

"Great Job!  I will always recommend Caricature Connection!"

"You were the hit of the event.  Next year we would like to hire four artists!  Thanks for making Project Graduation a success!"

"Your artist was an absolute hit!  Our clients all remarked about how good he was and how fast!  We will have to have you guys back again next year.  I heard so many people talking about, not only how he got everyone's likenesses down, but how beautiful the finished pieces were.  I actually got to see him work on our main client.  It was terrific.  In years past, when we've used other companies, she never thought her caricature looked like her.  She thought this one did.  He was so good, he always had a line!  And also, thank you for being so flexible, I know this was kind of a last minute booking.  I really appreciate all of your help and professionalism!".

“Your artist was the best artist we have ever had, he kept our clients laughing!!”

"My client just raved about your artist.  She was THOROUGHLY pleased!"

"It's so hard to find something for adults to do at a party and this was a great way to entertain.  ALL my guests were very pleased and the artist was great!  I wish you luck - I'm sure you'll do great (talented people are hard to come by - you're really blessed!)"

"Your sketches were truly the hit of the CMHC event in Orlando last month.  For a crowd to stand in line like that is very unusual, and definitely a testament to your talent.  Thanks again for everything you did to make the evening such a success!"

"Thank you so much for the great job you did for our graduating seniors!  Our project graduation was a huge success!"

"We want to thank you for your time and talents at our Appreciation Day at Camp Endeavor.  The campers greatly enjoyed witnessing and sharing in your skills.  We hope you enjoyed yourself as much as they did."

"Everyone RAVED about you at our employee Christmas party.  Thank you for a job well done!"

"Enclosed are some photos taken at our Spring Fling. In spite of a day of rain, we had about 500 children and Foster families in attendance and as you can see, the artist was a huge hit!  In addition to being skilled at his craft, he was a very nice young man and handled the crowds and lines with ease. My fingers were sore just thinking about all the caricatures he made!  Thank you!"

"Your artist was wonderful!  Even in a horrible downpour, he was early to the event, which was greatly appreciated!  Thank you so much for your work!!"  

"Caricature Connection helped make me and my company look very professional!  Thank you!"

"I would like to extend my sincere thanks to you for your contribution to the Test Track event at Epcot.  Your exceptional professionalism and hard work added greatly to the overall success of the event. It was a pleasure to work with you, and I look forward to working with you again in the future."


“Hi! I just rec’d your book “Let’s Toon Caricatures” and HAD to drop you a note. WOW, I AM IMPRESSED! This book is way under-priced. It has tremendous value and quality content. I can’t wait to get started.”

“I highly recommend this book! It is a fun and easy read. It breaks down the drawing process step by step, body part by body part getting you on your way to start drawing caricatures like a pro!”

“For a complete novice who suddenly realized it would be fun to have a go at drawing caricatures, I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Other "how to" books on the subject left me feeling inadequate and incapable of drawing anything resembling my victims. When Keelan’s book safely and quickly arrived to me here in the UK, the easy step by step illustrations immediately gave me the confidence and skill I was lacking and my results have rapidly improved. I now find myself staring at strangers trying to decide how I would tackle their caricature by wondering what their head shape is and how their features are arranged. Thanks Keelan!”

“Yap it's a useful help me a lot in improving my drawing.. learn a lot from this book.. it's a great book to buy! Pic is more than the word, not like others like writing grandmother story.. word more than pic..that would be boring but this book won't..overall this book is very useful to me for drawing pic for my teachers..”

“This is the best step by step caricature book. Many pictures and examples to follow. Keelan kept it simple, thorough, fun and funny.”

“Keelan Parham shows beginners and experienced artists an excellent approach to the art of drawing caricatures. You'll find this book to be a comprehensive, entertaining, exciting and easy to follow tutorial filled with start-to-finish examples. Keelan explains the value of line quality, simplicity, accessorizing and much, much more. This book is written for anyone who draws or is interested in drawing caricatures, and best of all: it's FUN. I highly recommend it!”

“With Keelan Parham's "Let's Toon Caricatures" school is in session. This book is a must have for both up and coming and seasoned caricature artists alike. I have been doing caricatures for over ten years now, and seen all of the how to caricature books, and this one takes the cake. This is not so much a how to book, but a manual with practical real world applicable instructions. He not only teaches you how to "toon" faces, how to set up the best way, but how to deal with some of the little problem's that arise in everyday caricaturing. He gives you all you need to get started doing successful caricaturing. I definitely have seen improvement in my work, and plan to reread it again and again so I remember everything that Keelan taught me. Buy it, you will NOT regret it!”

“Keelan Parham does an incredible job presenting caricatures in a way that is both entertaining and fun. He has simplified the process so that whether you have tried your hand at drawing or not, you will come away from this book able to see and do so much more than before. I have read many a how to draw book, some on other subjects and a few on caricatures, but this is THE caricature book for my money. His experience training artist at theme parks and the cartooning classes he conducted are why this book so good. If you want insight into how to see like an caricaturist, the best way to set up, as well as more demos, photos, and solid how to, then I have ever seen, get Keelan's book. Unusual name, great artist, awesome book!!”

“Although I've been cartooning professionally for years, I've only recently started doing caricatures. This book was a great help in getting me going. The author breaks down the caricature process in an easy-to-follow and entertaining manner.
I'd recommend this book to beginners as well as to more advanced artists who are interested in learning to draw caricatures.”

“I enjoyed Keelan's covers all the basics you need to know to get started drawing caricatures. I've been drawing caricatures for a number of years, and discovered by trial and error a lot of things that Keelan shares...why drawing the 3/4 view is easier and more expressive than full-face, why to always draw the man first in a couple's caricature, the value of the strong, dark line around the main subject and how to simplify hair. Following the guidelines in this book, combined with practicing on a daily basis should provide the beginning caricaturist with results beyond their expectations.”

“I'm a caricaturist myself and picked up this book for my nephew who is fascinated with caricature. There's alot of great step by step examples in blocking in the features of a face. The author explains things clearly and to the point, and has a real upbeat tone which i like. Caricature isn't easy, but it requires alot of experimentation, and this book promotes that kind of attitude, and gives eager young artists a great place to start learning the craft. High marks for this book!”

“Fifteen years ago I had my caricature done at Tennessee's foremost theme park. I was so impressed with it that I used it on my business cards and letterhead (o, vain man that I am...). When I got this book in the mail and opened it, my jaw hit the floor. Mr. Parham isn't the master, he is the GRANDMASTER of caricature cartooning. I could not believe my eyes at how a few simple lines could so accurately capture the physical attributes and character of a person. I am a rank amateur with a desire to learn caricature cartooning and this book is the very best I have EVER seen. It is not written to be over anyone's head and whether you have never picked up a pencil before or been drawing caricatures for thirty years, you will learn much from this insightful training guide. This book is off the chart - a perfect "ten" on the scale of one to five stars.”

“This great book individually teaches you how to draw every feature on practically every kind of person in every situation. Not a single fact is left out! If you are interested in being a caricature artist as a career, or even as a hobby, I highly recommend this book as a great place to start! Even if you are not the artistic type, it is neat to look at the actual photos of models and see how amazing it is for a single person to translate their unique features to paper. The book is filled with photos and sample caricatures! The captions that guide you are superbly written with plenty of comic relief. It is entertaining to read! I recommend this book to everyone!”