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You will always see the largest crowd around a booth with a caricature artist!  Make your booth stand out by letting us “Draw you a Crowd!”  Customers will no longer pass by your booth. Once the attendees see what they can get at your booth, they will seek you out!! We can also personalize our paper with your logo.  When show attendees return back to the office, your company name will be on display, when their caricature is hung.  Don’t waste money on key chains, magnets, letter openers, and other gizmos that can be lost or thrown away.  Go for a personalized drawing that will be saved for years to come! One call to book an artist, and you sit back and relax! 

As the artist is drawing, you have 5 minutes of your customer's undivided attention. 
Imagine what you could do with that time… inform the customer of product lines…show specials…new items.
Below you can see how Chick-Fil-A used this time to talk to all franchise owners.

This customer had us personalize their entire trade show booth! The images on the background were of the representatives that were going to be on the show floor. Their booth even received a nod in the newspaper.

We can even "theme" our drawings for you!
Here you can see how M&M had us customize all of our artwork and we turned everyone into an M&M!!

Give your best customers "something special", for visiting your hospitality suite. Here is a picture taken from one of our past clients.  This client gave out caricature coupons on the trade show floor to generate more traffic to their suite.
The attendees were then motivated to visit their suite!

Here are some of our artists after an event.