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Cartoon illustration is a big part of what we do at Caricature Connection. These pieces are used for magazines, newspapers, periodicals, advertising and much, much more. Artwork that is going to be used in a commercial way for advertising (For example, for use on a web site, logo, business card, billboard, etc.) requires copyright permission, and necessary release forms.

If you would like us to provide you with artwork for this purpose, please email us at caricatureconnection@cfl.rr.com and we will provide you with a quote for your project. Please include in your email a description of the artwork needed, deadline requirements, and what you would like to use the artwork for (so we know what usage rights you will need).

Spot Illustrations

An Addy Award was won for this piece!

These characters were created for a line of teaching products.

This travel agent wanted a unique illustration

This cartoon was for an anti-drunk driving device.
Find out more about this product at www.drinkweasel.com

Spot illustration

This personal shopper wanted a unique cartoon to express her company

This character was designed for a company that manufactured pipes.
He was used throughout their instruction manual to show how to set up and use their product.

A new company mascot, "The Smog Queen", was created for this automotive company.

This client has a custom cookie business and uses our artwork to personalize her tasty treats!
We also created the artwork for her web site click here to see!

This image was in an animated Christmas film.

Here are menu illustrations for a steak and seafood restaurant.

Children's coloring book cover for a Florida attraction.

These cartoons of bible characters were made into coloring pages.

These abstract caricature illustrations were used by the a-cappella band "Toxic Audio".  This amazing group needed to have illustrations that made a statement!  They have used these images on promotional materials, in their current CD, on their website, and even blown up poster size on-stage during their live performances!!  If you look closely, you will see that as a special touch, the artist hid musical notes in each of the caricatures!

Spot illustration

This artwork was created for an interactive dinner theater. 
They are using this illustration on all of their advertising materials.

Here our artist created a superhero "Captain Goodness" for a local art festival. 
This was the artwork the company used to promote it's new show.

Children's book illustrations

Children's story book illustrations.

T-shirt design for a crawdad festival.

Another Addy Award was one for this design.

These two schools had us update and redesign their mascots.

Visit this link (Magney Grande) or this link (Greg Bryan)
to see how clients have utilized caricatures to spice up their websites.

All the images on this page, and throughout the web site, are property of Caricature Connection and the artists they represent. All rights are reserved by the copyright holders and no unauthorized use of any of the images is allowed.

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