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Personalized Caricature Questions:

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Personalized Caricature Questions

I AM READY TO ORDER, NOW WHAT? It's simple! Just fill out the order form.

HOW MUCH ARE YOUR CARICATURES? All of our pricing is per person. Our normal black and white caricatures are $45, and color pieces are $55. Click here to see the difference between color and black and white. Discounts are offered for orders over 10 people. We offer a $5 discount, per person, off orders with 10-29 people.  A $10 per person discount off 30-49 people. Orders of 50 people or more qualify for $15 off, per person.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET MY ORDER?  Our normal turnaround time (excluding holidays) is a MAXIMUM of 2-3 weeks from the time your complete order is received. Once orders are completed, the final artwork is sent to you via email. If you ordered paper copies, those copies are mailed USPS first class at the same time. Our office is in Orlando, Florida, so mail time will vary depending on where the artwork is being mailed.  Sometimes turnaround is quicker than other times, it is based on our current workload. Turnaround time during Christmas season is always 3 weeks (if you do not choose the rush option).

WHAT ARE RUSH OPTIONS? If you are in a hurry, you can choose our "rush" option to guarantee your drawing emailed to you within seven business days, from the time we receive it. The rush fee is an additional $20 per person. If you need the artwork in route back to you in 4 business days, you can choose the double rush option of $40 per person. Rush fees are for the artist's time only, not for mailing or postage of extra paper prints. Paper prints are still mailed USPS first class. There are no guarantees from the US Postal Service. If you have a limited timeline, you will need to select both the rush and Fed Ex option. Save time and email your order and photos to us. Need your order in less than 4 days? Call our office, we can meet any deadline!

DO YOU OFFER FASTER DELIVERY FOR THE PAPER PRINTS? Yes, we offer Priority Mail and Fed Express shipping. All normal paper orders are mailed from the US Postal Service FREE via First Class mail. There are NO guarantees for delivery time through this method. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DELAYS CAUSED BY THE US POST OFFICE (one time it took the regular mail 3 weeks to deliver an order! But, there are normally not any problems). We also offer Priority Mail for an additional $5. This sends your order Priority through the Post Office and is guaranteed to arrive to you within 2-3 days. For an additional $25, US orders can be sent back to you via standard Fed Ex. If you do not have time to wait for your caricature, this is the fastest guaranteed way to get your drawing on time. Fed Ex delivery will guarantee your order in two days from the deadline on your order form. (Holiday times may vary) Fed Ex overnight shipping is also available for an additonal charge. Call our office for a quote from your zip code. Are you out of time? Need it even faster? Contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you! You can also provide us with your Fed Ex shipping number.

WHAT IF I LIVE OUTSIDE THE US? Please add $35 for regular shipping and handling. If rush is needed, please contact us for a quote. If you are outside of the United States, and in need of paper prints, it is fastest to take the digital image we email you to a local printer in your area.

IS ALL OF YOUR PRICING PER PERSON?  Yes, all of our pricing is based on how many people you are requesting to be caricatured.  Our prices are based on the time it takes the artist to create the caricature image of each individual; it is not based on materials used. If you have a family photo with three people in it, the price for a black and white group caricature would be $135 ($45 per person X 3).

WHAT SIZE ARE YOUR CARICATURES? Our caricatures are sent to you in .jpg format. They can be printed at almost any size. If you choose order paper prints from us, you have the choice of 8X10 or 11X14 prints.

I ONLY HAVE ONE PICTURE OF THE SUBJECT, IS THAT ENOUGH?  Usually the artist only needs one good photo to draw from.  If the artist cannot work from the photo you have provided, we will contact you. However, if you do have multiple photos, please provide them to us. It enables us to get the best likeness possible on the subject. All original photos submitted via regular mail are returned.

I AM INTERESTED IN A GROUP CARICATURE; DO I HAVE TO HAVE ALL OF THE MEMBERS IN THE SAME PHOTO FOR YOU TO DRAW FROM?  No, the artist draws each individual separately, so it does not matter if you send one group photo, or several separate pictures.  However, it is easier for the artist to use individual pictures, as the image size is usually bigger. We do not have to have individual photos of each person to be drawn. We know that some orders are a "surprise" to the recipient and it may be difficult to get a picture. Surprising your boss with a drawing, but don't have a picture? No problem, just scan in the picture on his desk, of him with his wife. Include a note on the order form "do not include lady in blue dress".

HOW DO I SEND MY PHOTO, AND ARE THERE ANY PHOTO REQUIREMENTS?  You can send photos by regular mail, or email.  If you are emailing photographs, please keep them under 1MB in size, if possible. Photos can be sent in .jpeg or .gif format. When filling out the order form, you will be able to attach the photos right from your computer. If you are sending your pictures via regular mail, the Fed Ex/UPS street address is Caricature Connection - 8708 Cypress Reserve Circle - Orlando, FL 32836. When applicable, mark the "no signature required" box when mailing us your order. You may send more than one photo of the person; to be sure all features can be seen.  Photos may be as small as a wallet size, but the face must be at least the size of a dime.  One photo should be straight on, and several at different angles are helpful but not required.  All paper orders, along with original photos, are mailed back to you in a photo mailer tube for protection. 

IS THERE A DISCOUNTED PRICE FOR GROUP PHOTOS?  YES!!! We offer a $5 discount, per person, off orders with 10-29 people.  A $10 per person discount off 30-49 people. Orders of 50 people or more qualify for $15 off, per person.

CAN I GET A PROOF?  Yes, you can have a pencil proof faxed or emailed to you before the final artwork is complete.  There is an additional charge of $20 (per person) for this service, as it adds an extra step for the artist. (Proof rates for commercial projects are higher). Proofs are rough development sketches only, which enable you to make changes on your order before the final artwork is complete. Click here to see a sample of a proof. If you do not order the proof option, changes can not be made once your caricature is finished.

WILL A PROOF DELAY MY TURNAROUND TIME? Yes. When selecting the proof option, your proof will be to you within 7 business days. Once you receive your proof, changes need to be made, and approval given to us as soon as possible. The normal timeline (2-3 weeks) does not start until you have approved the proof has been approved.

WHAT IF I DON'T LIKE MY PROOF? Once you receive your proof, we will make whatever changes you like. That is what the proof option is for! You do have the option to order a second proof if you like. Most customers only have one or two minor changes, if any. Your order can not be canceled after you have received your proof.

WILL I GET MY ORDER SENT BACK VIA EMAIL? Yes. All of our orders are sent back to you digitally in .jpg format.

I CAN'T DECIDE IF I SHOULD ORDER A COLOR OR A BLACK AND WHITE CARICATURE. WHICH IS BEST?  A color caricature usually gets more attention, but you can see samples throughout the site to compare both types.  Click here to see samples of color vs. black and white. Then you can choose which one is best for your needs.

CAN I USE MY CARICATURE FOR ADVERTISING? No. The prices listed on our website are for personal use only. Any artwork that is going to be used in a commercial way (i.e. website, logos, billboards, business cards, etc.) requires copyright permission from the artist. If you wish to use the artwork commercially, please contact us with your project details. We will provide you with a quote for your specific project. The price will include all of the necessary release forms. In order to give you a quote, we will need a description of the artwork needed, deadline requirements, and what you would like to use the artwork for (so we know what usage rights you will need). Our commercial caricatures are higher print quality graphics that are available in many different file formats.

DOES PAYING FOR THE ORIGINAL ARTWORK MAKE IT MINE TO USE HOWEVER I CHOOSE? No. When you purchase a personal caricature, you are not purchasing the copyright of that image. The copyright of the artwork still belongs to the artist (even if it is an image of you). To use the artwork for anything other than personal use, is a copyright violation. (personal use is to hang it on a wall in your home).

I JUST FOUND OUT I NEEDED TO CANCEL MY ORDER, WHAT DO I DO? Once your order is placed, you have 48 hours to cancel your order. Orders cannot be canceled after that period of time. Rush, and double-rush orders can not be canceled once they are placed.

WHAT MAKES YOUR CARICATURES DIFFERENT? Our caricatures are all original works of art. If you are surfing the web, you will see that there are many different caricature styles and techniques. You will also see a variety of different prices for a similar type item. Our caricatures are not copied in Photoshop (and made to “look” like a caricature) and are not traced from the pictures you provide. We do not "farm" our orders out through different random artists. Your order is guaranteed to be the same quality presented throughout our site.

I ORDERED THROUGH ANOTHER COMPANY AND DON’T LIKE IT, CAN YOU HELP ME? If you have a competitor’s product that you are not happy with, email us a copy of the caricature. We will offer you a discount off our listed prices, if you would like for us to redo the exact order. When looking for a caricature company, be sure to view ALL the samples on the website to make sure they reflect the type of product you are looking for.

IF I WANT TO USE THE ARTWORK FOR MY WEDDING INVITATION, IS THAT CONSIDERED COMMERCIAL? No. We do not consider wedding invitations as commercial use. We also allow our artwork to be used on personal Christmas cards, and party and birthday invitations, at no additional charge.

HOW DO I KNOW MY ORDER WILL LOOK LIKE THE SAMPLES ON THE WEBSITE? All of our pieces are drawn in the same style that you see represented on the website. Most of our orders (at least 90%) are completed by Keelan, the artist that did the pieces you see on the website. Keelan is the former President of the National Caricature Network, and an author of the book “Let’s Toon Caricatures”. All of our artists work at Disney and draw in the same style, so your order will be the same quality as you see on the site, regardless of what artist handles your order. Visit our client comment page to read what our clients have said about us!

CAN I CHOOSE WHATEVER BODY SITUATION I WANT? Yes, we can draw the caricature with the body situation of your choice. We can draw anything! Visit this link for body situation ideas. Let us know if you see a sample on our site that reflects the same background, or scene, that you would like for your order. We can draw anything in the caricature. You dream it, we draw it! If you have a request that is specific, for example, a certain year/make of a car, please attach a photo of it with your order. A typical order request would be: "I would like Sally to be sitting at her desk, with a Diet Coke in one hand and the phone ringing". Once we receive your order, we will let you know if your request is too detailed and subject to a $20 Premium Background Fee. For example, if the same request above also included: "put a brown Coach purse hanging from the back of her chair, posters of Rick Springfield and Journey on the wall, a picture of a Santa on her desk, a black and white Shih Tzu on her lap, pink high heeled Manolo's on her feet and a big boom box in the corner playing "We Are The Champions". This would fall into the Premium Background category.

IS THE ARTWORK DIGITAL OR IS IT A HARD COPY ON PAPER? That is your choice. All artwork is emailed to you upon completion. If you would also like paper copies of your order, you can choose that option on the order form. You can get 8x10 or 11x14 prints from us, or, you can get prints made on your own. Once you receive the final image, you can burn it to a disk and take it to a printing company in your area, or print it from your own computer.

WILL MY ORDER BE DISPLAYED ON YOUR WEBSITE? Your order may be one of the few selected for our online portfolio. Please let us know when placing your order, if you do not want your order displayed.

I AM READY TO PLACE MY ORDER, BUT I AM WAITING ON ONE MORE PICTURE. CAN I SUBMIT MY ORDER NOW AND GET THE OTHER PICTURE TO YOU LATER? No. You must submit everything needed for your order at the same time. We cannot process your order with missing items. Incomplete orders will be returned.

I AM ORDERING MORE THAN ONE CARICATURE, DO I NEED TO FILL OUT A NEW ORDER FORM FOR EACH PERSON? No. You can note on your order form that you would like individual caricatures of all of the pictures you attach. That way we will know, if you have 3 different people to be drawn, if you want one group caricature, or three individual images. This will save you time. You won't have to fill out your address, credit card info, etc., for each person.

THE THUMBNAIL OF THE PHOTO I UPLOADED LOOKS DISTORTED. IS THIS NORMAL? Yes. This is normal and will not affect the quality of the pictures you sent.

CAN I TALK TO SOMEONE ABOUT MY ORDER? Because of the nature of our business, it is imperative that we have all of your artwork requests in writing. We are happy to talk with you about any general questions that you may have, but if it is a question about the details of your order, we must receive it in writing.

Special Event Questions

DO YOU DO COLOR OR BLACK & WHITE DRAWINGS AT SPECIAL EVENTS?  We can do either.  About 95% of the time clients prefer we do black and white caricatures because more people are able to get drawn.  It takes twice as long for the artist to do a color picture, than it does for them to do a black and white one.  Click here to see samples of black and white party caricatures.

HOW DO I KNOW I WILL GET A GOOD ARTIST?  All Caricature Connection artists' draw in a similar "house" style, by Keelan Parham, award winning caricaturist and owner of Caricature Connection. Our caricatures are done in a "cartoon like" style and are fun and exaggerated, but not insulting. Although each artist draws slightly different, it is still in the same "house" style that is represented on our website.

DO YOU GIVE DISCOUNTS FOR MULTIPLE DAY BOOKINGS?  Yes, you will find Caricature Connection's rates to be very competitive!  We offer special discounts for multiple and/or ongoing engagements. 

HOW MANY PICTURES CAN THE ARTIST COMPLETE IN AN HOUR?  Our award-winning artists are the fastest around.  They can complete a full caricature in less than 5 minutes!!  All of our special event caricatures include a full face and body situation.

DO I NEED TO PROVIDE ANYTHING FOR THE ARTIST?  Yes, the artist will need two chairs and access to an electrical outlet.  Our artists arrive to all events with their easel, drawing lights, paper and all drawing materials.

DO YOU DO OFFER ANY OTHER FORMS OF ENTERTAINMENT? We offer a lot more than "classic" caricatures for special events. In Florida, we also offer two types of specialty caricatures. We offer "Rear-View Drawings" and also "Abstract Caricatures". We are a state licensed talent agency (FLORIDA TA#780) and also offer other specialty artists including: Airbrush Tattoo Artists, Face Painters, Silhouette Artists, Graffiti Artists, and Animaltures.

DO YOU OFFER ANY ITEMS FOR THE FINISHED CARICATURES? Yes. We offer frames, art protectors, tubes, and custom preprinted paper. If you are interested in any of these items, please inquire when booking your artist. Not all items are available for all events.