Commercial / Illustrations

Cartoon illustration is a big part of what we do at Caricature Connection. These pieces are used for business cards, websites, mailers, magazines and much, much more. Artwork that is going to be used for advertising requires copyright permission and necessary release forms.

If you would like us to provide you with artwork for this purpose, please email Darla at She will provide you with a quote for your project. Please include in your email a description of the artwork needed, deadline requirements, and what you would like to use the artwork for (so we know what usage rights you will need).

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  These cartoons of Bible characters were made into coloring pages.

paul jesuswebsm Samson Solomon JOSHANDCALEB Gideon

These abstract caricature illustrations were used by the acappella band Toxic Audio. This amazing group needed illustrations that made a statement! They have used these images on promotional materials, CDs, and their website, and they have even blown them up to poster size for on-stage use during their live performances!! If you look closely, you will see that as a special touch, the artist hid musical notes in each of the caricatures!

web-toxic1-sm web-toxic2-sm

Children’s book illustrations

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